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MSF&W is pleased to offer BrowseAloud from Texthelp Systems.

BrowseAloud reads web pages out loud for people who find it difficult to read online. It leverages the work you have already done to make your web site accessible to people with disabilities to make it more usable for people with reading difficulties.

Using state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology, BrowseAloud can read almost any text displayed on your web site, even PDF documents. When a user points his or her mouse at a word or paragraph, BrowseAloud reads it. To help low-literacy users read along, it even highlights words as it speaks.

Unlike the expensive assistive technology software used by people with disabilities, BrowseAloud is a service. People who visit your site can download the software for free, and you, as a web site owner, subscribe to enable it to work with your site. This approach makes it possible for people with limited finances to enjoy the benefits of this advanced assistive tool.

BrowseAloud is already being used by a wide range of organizations, including:

More Information

For more information about BrowseAloud, see:

For instructions on adding a BrowseAloud logo and "About BrowseAloud" page to a BrowseAloud-enabled site, see:

To request a demonstration of BrowseAloud with your site, please email or call (217) 698-3535 · (217) 698-1353 TTY.