MSF&W is pleased to offer Browsealoud from Texthelp. Browsealoud adds speech, reading, and translation support tools to online content to extend the reach of websites for people with print disabilities, dyslexia, low literacy, mild visual impairments, and those for whom English is a second language.

Browsealoud works on all major browsers and platforms, including mobile, and it even reads secure web pages & PDF documents. All features are accessed from an easy-to-use floating toolbar, and the technology is provided free at the point of use for website visitors. Try Browsealoud Now.


Browsealoud improves comprehension and understanding by 7% by highlighting each word as it is read aloud and, simultaneously highlighting the sentence or paragraph in a contrasting color. This highlighting allows users to easily identify what text is being read aloud and to navigate within and between web pages.

Spoken & Written Translation

Browsealoud translates web pages into 78 languages and speaks the translated text where there is a matching voice available, which is currently 35 languages. Web owners can choose to have the translator switched on or off.

Text Magnification

Magnify text as it is read aloud with Browsealoud. The magnified text is displayed with synchronous highlighting in a single line at the top of the screen as the text is being read aloud. This magnification allows users with visual impairments to access even the smallest of text on a web page.

MP3 Generation

Convert text to an MP3 file. The text can be saved and listened to at a later time, at home or on the move. Web owners can create MP3 files to be hosted and streamed directly from their website.

Screen Mask

Block distractions on your screen. A semi-opaque black mask extends across your screen leaving a letterbox reading window clear. This view helps users to focus on the section of the web page they are most interested in and ignore the unnecessary clutter.

Web Page Simplifier

Remove clutter from your screen. This feature presents the current web page in a more user-friendly layout that is free from the secondary information on the page, such as advertisements.

Customizable Options

Users can customize Browsealoud to suit individual needs and preferences, with options to alter the voice speed, highlighting colors, and text size during magnification. Users can also select default settings for the features they wish to switch on or off.


Try Browsealoud Now. Once the Browsealoud Plus toolbar appears, simply click any text on this site to hear it read aloud. This toolbar provides instant high quality speech at the touch of a button - no need to download anything. New features include PDF and secure site reading, per site and page pronunciation control and language selection.

Browsealoud can be activated on your website within 24 hours of purchase. To request a demo, free trial, or quote, please email or call (877) 698-3535.