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It does not matter what industry you are in or the size of your organization, the paper problem exists. With over 17 years in the document imaging/document management business, we understand your problem and have a solution to meet your needs. With ID:webArchive, your documents can work for you; scan it, store it, retrieve it, use it.



Interface with your legacy data system to work hand-in-hand with your current processes and procedures.


Quickly add single documents or batches of documents through virtually any TWAIN or ISIS scanner.

Thin Client

Streamlined and simplified user interface, ideal for mobile access, web portals, or kiosk operations.


A complete history of document changes for tracking purposes.

Virtual Print Driver

Print from Windows applications directly into ID:webArchive.

Data Import

Import images and associated metadata from legacy systems into ID:webArchive.


Basic and advanced search options based on your data values.


Manually route documents or customize automatic and conditional routing rules for your needs.


Automatically capture document text, making it instantly searchable.

More a solution, less a "kit." We have been in the document imaging and document management arena for over 17 years. Our imaging software, ID:webArchive, is currently in production with well over 10,000 users in several industry segments. At every turn, our product designers have been attentive to the importance of ease of use, power, and user flexibility. We pride ourselves on the non-proprietary, open architecture, adaptable features of ID:webArchive. Our powerful and adaptable software system will quickly improve your organization’s efficiencies and support greater customer service. ID:webArchive can deliver measurable benefit in less time and with less cost than other imaging packages.

With ID:webArchive, your information will be protected when disaster strikes. As records accumulate, protecting irreplaceable documents and maintaining data confidentiality becomes a huge undertaking. Recent national events such as terrorist attacks, floods, hurricanes, and fires emphasize the importance of this disaster protection. Equally important is meeting regulatory compliance guidelines that demand records be secure. Security, too, is challenging as it is difficult to block access to entire file cabinets or file rooms without affecting workflow. With ID:webArchive the entire history of your organization can reside on redundant disk in a secure location. Digital backup of your organization will fit on a tape small enough hold in your hand, virtually eliminating the risk of lost data. Employees will be able to quickly access documents while also limiting the availability of confidential information by assigning user access privileges. With ID:webArchive, documents are accessed only with an authorized username and password.

We have standard training curriculum for users at several levels: casual users, power users, and administrators. Our training staff is happy to train groups of eight or less on general use of the system or develop a specific curriculum. Training is available via webEx or on-site. Please email or call (877) 698-3535 for pricing.

JBIG, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. ID:webArchive defaults to TIFF for black and white images and JPEG for color images. Do you need something not mentioned here? If so, we are constantly improving the product, adding features at the request of our users.

Yes. After scanning all the documents in the batch, ID:webArchive will allow you to rotate individual pages as necessary before saving it to the server. We have made changing scanning characteristics easy by the use of "scan profiles," selected with a single click.

ID:webArchive utilizes the OmniPage 16 OCR engine, the class-leader in recognition. OmniPage boasts a 99%+ accuracy rate.

ID:webArchive Customer Service and Support can be reached at (877) 698-3535 Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Central Time. Other arrangements can be made as needed.

Yes, you are able to import files from your computer into ID:webArchive system through one of four ways. The Virtual Print Driver will create image files from within any Windows application. This feature eliminates the need to print before scanning. In addition, you can import image files or MS Office files directly from within scan mode. A Windows dialog box makes this intuitive and easy. Thirdly, automated import of files is supported through an image import application. This automated report can run throughout the day or be scheduled through the Windows scheduler. Lastly, in Workspace mode users with similar security can create and share an Office document before inserting it into the domain structure.

ID:webArchive has role and hierarchical security. The only people that have access to your documents are those you authorize. Administrators have the ability to assign users to one or more roles. A role will have security access to a document, a folder, a cabinet, a domain.

Yes. ID:webArchive has several different reporting tools available to keep track of who accesses documents, and the date, time, and actions taken for each image.

ID:webArchive can be installed in 1-2 hours, depending upon what options you select. Our staff will work with you to determine a useful structure for your documents. We can then set up this first structure over a couple of days, working with your staff interactively. We will train them to be able to modify this later, or set up structures and domains on their own.

Yes. ID:webArchive has an integration component. We are able to "couple" it with your data system to minimize redundant data and data entry. When you index a document into ID:webArchive, this integration piece will go find the data from your data system to describe the document. A "synchronization" component will automatically change the data in ID:webArchive when it changes in your data system.

Yes. ID:webArchive is an evolving product line. It is currently in its third generation. Major releases can be expected two or three times per year. Each major release includes new features requested by our users. Some new features are optional (keeping the base cost down), but in every new release there are beneficial changes which are of value to our entire customer base. Our annual maintenance fee covers the major releases, as well as any maintenance releases.

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