Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion is one of the core values of MSF&W Consulting, reflected in a culture and climate that seeks, welcomes and advances both individuals and businesses with diverse backgrounds.

We believe diversity, equity and inclusivity are key to the very heart of our organization — that it is imperative for us to provide equal opportunity and support to all, and that doing so makes us a better company. We strive to make MSF&W a place where all identities, perspectives and experiences feel welcome, able to present their authentic selves and empowered to reach their full potential. As a society, we have not always upheld these values and made these aspirations a reality. We must do better — and we will.


Supplier Diversity

"At MSF&W, we believe that diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of our success, driving innovation and excellence not only in our talented team but also through the partnerships we forge with our suppliers, creating a vibrant ecosystem where every voice is respected and celebrated."

- Laurie King, President