MSF&W provides a full range of accessibility services to help make sure your information systems are fully accessible to staff and customers with disabilities. For more than 15 years, our accessibility team has provided audit, remediation, training, and technical assistance services to ensure that clients meet relevant accessibility standards, including Section 508, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA). Our experience working directly with assistive technology users allows us to understand not only what makes websites compliant with standards, but also what makes them truly usable for people with disabilities.


Our consultants become familiar with your organization’s particular needs and business goals. We will transform your COMPLEX system into a SIMPLE solution.

  • Database Design - Our skilled consultants can provide database design, optimization, administration, conversion, and maintenance and support solutions.
  • Web Design - MSF&W developers work on custom website development, website redesign, responsive web design, and content management systems using the newest trends and technologies to create that SIMPLE solution to your COMPLEX problems.
  • Requirements Gathering - One of the most critical steps to a successful project is getting the requirements right. Our talented Business Analysts are very experienced in the requirements gathering process.
  • Workflow Analysis - We can analyze your workflow processes to identify opportunities to streamline and increase efficiency.
  • Research and Analysis
  • Data Analysis - The smartest business decisions are based on fact, not feel. MSF&W consultants can assist your organization with data analysis from processing or formatting data, validating and normalization, to performing queries and developing reports.