IEMA: Remote Monitoring System

The primary responsibility of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is to better prepare the State of Illinois for natural, manmade or technological disasters, hazards, or acts of terrorism. IEMA assists local governments with multi-hazard emergency operations and plans and maintains the Illinois Emergency Operations Plan. IEMA is also responsible for protecting Illinois residents from the potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation, monitors 11 nuclear power reactors at six nuclear stations licensed to generate electricity in Illinois, and inspects and escorts spent nuclear fuel shipments.


IEMA remotely monitors six nuclear power plants in Illinois by continually collecting and monitoring thousands of data points every minute via communications from each nuclear plant. IEMA's current remote monitoring system is comprised of decades-old hardware and software, much of which is no longer supported by vendors. IEMA needed to modernize its remote monitoring system, but perform this modernization in such a way that continuous data feeds from each site were uninterrupted.

MSF&W was selected to manage the negotiation with the third party vendor. Responsibilities included the management and coordination of the off-site development team, the client, and multiple external stakeholders.

Project activities included creating a project charter, project plan, communications plans, change management plans, and test plans, as well as documenting functional requirements and designing business requirements.